The purpose of this form is to provide the public with an easy way to report information on fish kills and fish health problems to the West Virginia state agencies working on these issues.  Your report will be forwarded on receipt to the WV Division of Natural Resources and WV Department of Environmental Protection.  If additional information is required, you will be contacted by a representative of one of these two agencies by phone or by email as soon as possible after they receive your report.  The date and time of your report will be provided automatically on submittal.


This initiative is a cooperative effort between the Potomac Water Watch, WV Division of Natural Resources, and WV Department of Environmental Protection.  This webpage is hosted by Cacapon Institute.


1.  Incident reported by:



Phone Number(s):



2.  Lake or stream name: 


3.  Nearest town:         County:


Additional information on location of kill: 

4.  Time and date of kill, abnormal fish behavior, or appearance: 
5.  Extent of affected area (Stream miles, Lake acres, Land mark to land mark): 


6. Estimated total number of fish involved in incident: (check only one, but please be as precise as possible)

(1 – 10)      (10 – 50)     (50  -  100)    (>100)   specific number:


If you know what type of fish, please describe below (click here to see some common fish):


  Species/type  Number observed Fish behavior / condition observed

Fish Size



If fish are dead can you tell how long? 


General observations 


7.  Fish condition and location in the water (check all that apply)


     Dead and floating              Dead on bottom      Dead on shore    Dead stuck in debris)


     Alive Swimming                  Alive on bottom        Other:


8.  Fish behavior (check all that apply):


     surface breathing       splashing           flopping out of water)      swimming erratically   

     near surface                sluggish or lethargic)      Unafraid of human presence)  



9.  General condition of water:   Water level:        High           Low          Normal


Water color:   Clear     Cloudy      Muddy       Other:


Water smell (check all that apply):    None     Dead Fish     Sewage      Petroleum     Other:


Other Conditions


10.  General weather conditions:   

            Precipitation Recent or current: Rain  Snow  Sleet   Snowmelt    None


Current skies:    Clear    Sunny    Partly Cloudy    Cloudy       Overcast


            Air Temperature:   Water Temperature:


Other weather conditions current or recent


11.  General condition of substrate and vegetation (check all that apply):     Algae present      

      Foam present      debris    Rocks on shore appear white       

           Other :


12.  Condition of other fish and animals that may appear unaffected (Are some fish behaving normally, are other species like crayfish, snails, frogs, and salamanders behaving normally):



13.  Have you seen similar conditions in the past as those described above?


Thank you for helping!  Agency personnel will be contacting you shortly. 

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