Cacapon Institute - From the Cacapon to the Potomac to the Chesapeake Bay, we protect rivers and watersheds using science and education. 

As Fact Finders, we conduct research to gain insight into watershed issues of local and regional importance.

As Educators,  we work to create a future where a stream without a buffer looks as out of place as a smoker in a conference room looks today.  To foster that vision, our environmental education efforts focus on students first and, through them, the larger community.

As Problem Solvers, we seek innovative solutions to environmental problems.


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Coming soon: What's Your BMP?  Submit information on best management practices you or your group have installed to beautify your property, protect your local stream, and help restore the Chesapeake Bay. 



Stream Scholars is CI's hands-on exploration of stream ecology and conservation for middle and high school students.  Now in its 13th year, campers this year will take an overnight trip to the headwaters of the Potomac River high up on Spruce Knob, WV.    Download a brochure for all the details.  When you are ready, fill out an application

Stream Scholars Summer Camp 2014 was amazing. 

Take a look. 


Potomac Headwaters Leaders of Watersheds (PHLOW) teaches students that hands-on conservation of local watersheds can provide real environmental benefits for the Chesapeake Bay watershed. PHLOW has three main sub-programs: Grow-a-Garden, Growing Native, and Plant-a-Tree. Through these programs the distinct PHLOW model educates students with background knowledge that leads to academically rich and environmentally meaningful hands-on conservation projects at their school.  We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 project season - Due date January 16, 2015. 


Cacapon Institute has long been engaged in forestry for the purpose of improving watershed health.  We now have a forestry section on our website.  As one component of our forestry program, we are working with the WVDOF, WVCA, and WVDOH on the WV CommuniTree Program.  See maps of current and completed CTree projects.  Check out reports on CTree and other forestry projects. 



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Cacapon Institute is the Coordinator of the Potomac Watershed Partnership.


*Explore real-time data from throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed *Farmers as Producers of Clean Water Project.

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Cacapon Institute - From the Cacapon to the Potomac to the Chesapeake Bay, we protect rivers and watersheds using science and education.

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